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The groups’ research activities are broadly described by the inter-linked areas below although this list is not exhaustive. We predominantly are interested in new synthetic chemistries (spanning inorganic and organic synthetic chemistry) and the synthesis of new molecules which are often studied in conjunction with electrochemical techniques (and other physical chemical and surface analytical techniques such as XPS, SEM, AFM etc) in the development of new electrocatalysts for small molecule activation and other catalytic processes. A particular focus of the Group’s current interests lies in the field of frustrated Lewis pair chemistry and its application for clean energy technologies.
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The group is highly collaborative and anyone interested in working with the group or exploring collaborative opportunities in these or related areas is strongly encouraged to contact me using the link below.

(Electrochemical) Frustrated Lewis Pair Chemistry


Organometallic Synthesis & Electrochemistryorg met res

Chemically Modified Carbon
and Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs)

Chemically modified carbon